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Dateline November 1 2019

Force Free Oregon is now LIVE!

As we continue to add force free animal care professionals to our directory and put the final touches on our web presence, we invite you to have a look around.

Uniting Pet Professionals to Improve Animal Welfare an in-depth examination

of our goals and the reasons why FFO was


Dateline: October 10 2019

Australia passes groundbreaking  animal

welfare law requiring Dog owners to walk their dogs daily!

Link to Law - Australian Government site

New Study Shows - The Positive Impact of Fear Free Certification in Veterinary Practices. 

Read the study  - PDF

Electric Shock Collars Banned in England!

An amazing Analysis by Dr. Karen Shaw Becker

  of the U.K. ban.  Pros, cons and points of resistance.

Force Free Oregon

Youtube Channel

How-to videos, Training tips, vlogs and Seminars

FFO produced content for Oregon pet owners and animal care professionals.



Tons of amazing resources from a

psychology point of view.

Zazie Todd, PhD


What is acceptable treatment of

pet animals in modern society knowing what science has been telling us?

What is acceptable in Oregon?

Schel Harris - Canine Behavior Consultant.  Force Free Oregon Founding Member. 

Nov. 2019

American Veterinary Medical Association

position statement on punishment use in training

The Pet Professional Guild

Position statement on prong and shock collars

Kennel Club UK

Ban on shock collar statement

European Society of Veterinary Clinical Ethology

Position statement on the support to ban choke, shock and prong collars.

ForceFree is a standard of practice and ethics.

It is a belief that every animal including our pets should have the basic rights to live without unnessescary fear and pain. And as sentient beings, have the right of choice.

Therefor it is up to all humans to follow modern understanding of behavioral science in the support of these rights.

An informed community is a strong community.

To help safegaurd our communities pets from aversive and unethical treatment.

Recognizing businesses in our community that practice Force Free and help to inform their customers of the advantages of Positive reinforcment.

Helping Oregon in the choice to be ForceFree+


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