A safe, reliable place for Oregon communities to find credentialed animal care professionals who use scientifically-proven, force-free training, behavior modification, and animal handling techniques.

Strong Communities


Bridging the gaps between professionals and

 pet owners to strengthen our community and improve the welfare of pets.

Building Awareness

Join us as we work to create legislative bills

protecting Oregon's pets and, standardize

force free treatment for all.

Community Education

Creating and providing educational resources to our community. 

Through media, events and classes

promoting modern science based care.

Pet professionals are tasked with helping us achieve the best possible care for our pets.

Every professional whether they are a store clerk, manufacturer of dog products, veterinarian, trainer, or groomer can

have a positive or detrimental impact on our dogs’ lives. One of the primary goals of Force Free Oregon is to provide a

directory of trustworthy pet professionals who adhere to force free methodology and seek continued learning and

professional development.



Legislative findings and declarations


The Legislative Assembly finds and declares that:

(1) Animals are sentient beings capable of experiencing pain, stress and fear;

(2) Animals should be cared for in ways that minimize pain, stress, fear and suffering;

_ cont.

If Oregon State legislators can make this declaration then, it is just a step away from a ban of the tools that utilize pain, stress, fear and suffering.

It is the professional community coming together in one voice, calling for a ban on unregulated and harmful tools that will make this a reality.

ForceFree is a standard of practice and ethics.

It is a belief that every animal including our pets should have the basic rights to live without unnecessary

fear and pain. And as sentient beings, have the right of choice.

It is up to all animal care professionals to follow modern understanding of behavioral science in the support of these rights.

An informed community is a strong community.

To help safegaurd our communities' pets from aversive and unethical treatment.

Recognizing businesses in our community that practice Force Free and help to inform their customers of the advantages of Positive reinforcement.

Helping Oregon in the choice to be +

O  U  R    GOALS

Work to create legislation to ban or restrict the sale and use of choke, prong and shock collars in Oregon.

Create standards and oversight for Dog Trainers, Groomers and animal care professionals.

Inform our communities on modern science based Positive reinforcement and force free training.



Working with Force Free organizations across the country to create

county /state legislative bill drafts and seek legislator sponsorship.

By researching, collecting, and creating informational resources for Oregon pet owners and professionals to better understand modern

training and handling methods.

Connecting Animal Care Professionals from varying fields to protect Oregons' pets from unnecessary harm and fear in the currently

unregulated area of companion animal training.

Bringing awareness to our communities of the harm caused by

the "Balanced"  and "Pack" type of training trend that utilizes

choke, prong and shock collars on companion animals.

Donate to Force Free Oregon

Donations are currently being used for outreach and website expenses. 

We stand with science and these organizations:

American Veterinary Medical Association

position statement on punishment use in training

The Pet Professional Guild

The Association for Force Free Professionals

Position statement on prong and shock collars

Kennel Club UK

Ban on shock collar statement

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

position statement on the Use of Punishment.

International Association of Animal

Behavior Consultants


Shock-Free Coalition



ForceFree Trainers of the Northwest

ForceFree Tennessee

ForceFree Trainers of Wisconsin

Initiative for ForceFree Dog Training

Ban Shock Collars Canada

Dog Trainers   Behavior Consultants


Positive Reinforcement based professionals following modern behavioral science

Veterinary Services


FearFree tm Certified and Force Free Oregon recognized Veterinary professionals

Pet Supply Stores

Community businesses that support a ForceFree Oregon in the products they sell



Upcoming Events


Interview with the team from Force Free Oregon

On this episode, I  talk with Hayley Martinez, Schel Harris, and Lorena Wallace of Force Free Oregon. They talk with me about how they are spreading the word about a force-free approach in all animal services and what changes they would like to see the animal training industry.  You can find more information about Force Free Oregon on their website and by following her on Instagram and Facebook. I hope you enjoy this episode with your furry best friend.

Interview link on Anchor.fm

PDX Pet Connection is a resource for Portland pet parents to discover pet businesses and non-profits in and around the Portland area. I will also be discussing training tips, best of lists for all things pets, and upcoming pet events in the area.


Collar Trade Up!

 Next Event TBA!

DID YOU KNOW?  Many ForceFree Oregon supporters are Trainers who will trade Training sessions in exchange for your choke, prong or shock collars? Its TRUE!   email us for more info






Past Events

Force Free Oregon New Adoption Basics Training !

Dates and availibilty  Limited

ForceFree Oregon will be giving away free 1 hour training basics

sessions for newly adopted dogs and owners covering the basics!

For dogs adopted between December 23rd through January 1st from Oregon Humane Society, Multnomah County Animal Shelter and any shelter or rescue within NW Oregon.

ForceFree Oregons volunteer staff are certified knowledgable, experienced dog trainers and behavior consultants who teach and train with various businesses and shelters in Oregon.

Of course using only rewards based, positive reinforcement methods and following modern behavioral understanding, you will learn how to communicate with your dog and enjoy the rewards of a happy, healthy companion.

Just contact ForceFree Oregon between Dec. 23th - Jan. 12th 2019

to find out more.


Locations and Dates are flexible

January 18th Training Event graciously hosted by Synergy Behavior Solutions




Many of my clients tell me they are afraid that their dog is so crazy that they will never sit still for a photo. Are you one of those people too?

If you feel that way about your dog, you are in good company.

Not to worry, I have photographed many dogs that have lots of personality and spirit. Lucky for you I am not only a dog photographer and dog mom to a spirited corgi, but I am also a dog trainer. I have little tricks to help get your dog calm and focused for just the amount of time I need to take the photo.

I also have lots of patience when it comes to dogs and photography. If I can wait for hours in the snow for a sunset, I can wait for a few minutes for your dog to look at the camera. Plus, you are coming to me so that I can capture what makes your dog special. And isn't part of that their crazy personality? 

Trust me, we will get great photos of your dog looking their best; and maybe even some fun, goofy photos for the album. Either way, you don't have to worry because it is my responsibility to get your dog's attention and take the photo at the right time. So relax and enjoy a fun day with your dog while we create beautiful photos. 

We're here to help educate and support our communities. We hope you take advantage of this resource and visit us often.

Be sure to add our site to your list of "favorites". We frequently update our information, and we wouldn't want you to miss any important details.

Let's grow together!