Woof Cultr is a small, woman-owned apparel business created in February 2019 by Mandy Boutelle CCT, CTBC. Mandy started out as a professional dog walker, turned certified trainer and after searching online for some t-shirts that helped represent her preference of force-free training methods, she realized there really wasn’t anything out there. So she came up with Woof Cultr, where her whole mission is to help spread the word of more humane training methods, through witty and high quality apparel. By creating shirts for trainers, behavior nerds, and anyone who loves working with their animals in a positive and humane way!

We stand with science and these organizations:

American Veterinary Medical Association

position statement on punishment use in training

The Pet Professional Guild

The Association for Force Free Professionals

Position statement on prong and shock collars

Kennel Club UK

Ban on shock collar statement

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

position statement on the Use of Punishment.

International Association of Animal

Behavior Consultants


Shock-Free Coalition



ForceFree Trainers of the Northwest

ForceFree Tennessee

ForceFree Trainers of Wisconsin

Initiative for ForceFree Dog Training

Ban Shock Collars Canada

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Interview with the team from Force Free Oregon

On this episode, I  talk with Hayley Martinez, Schel Harris, and Lorena Wallace of Force Free Oregon. They talk with me about how they are spreading the word about a force-free approach in all animal services and what changes they would like to see the animal training industry.  You can find more information about Force Free Oregon on their website and by following her on Instagram and Facebook. I hope you enjoy this episode with your furry best friend.

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PDX Pet Connection is a resource for Portland pet parents to discover pet businesses and non-profits in and around the Portland area. I will also be discussing training tips, best of lists for all things pets, and upcoming pet events in the area.


Uniting Pet Professionals to Improve Animal Welfare 

An in-depth examination of our goals and the reasons why FFO was

created. Learn about how every professional whether they are a store clerk, manufacturer of dog products, veterinarian, trainer, or groomer will have either a positive or detrimental impact on our dogs’ lives. 

Dateline November 1 2019

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DID YOU KNOW?  Many ForceFree Oregon supporters are Trainers who will trade Training sessions in exchange for your choke, prong or shock collars? Its TRUE!   Email us for more info.

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