Does your business refuse to sell or promote aversive tools such as choke, prong and shock collars? 

Do you understand and follow modern science based handling and treatment of pet animals in Oregon? 

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Simon’s Hope is a 501(c)(3) corporation created to offer free and reduced-cost resources, online and in-person workshops, positive rewards-based training, and customized training plans to pit bull families. Our mission is to keep dogs in their home, reduce owner surrenders and re-homes, and to partner with fosters and rescues in helping increase the adopt-ability of pit bull type dogs.

We rescue dogs from overcrowded high-kill shelters (in Southern California, Alabama and other locations) and transport them to dog-loving Portland, Oregon.

we match each dog with a loving foster home. The foster provides much-needed love, a warm bed, routine, some basic training and trips to the vet and adoption events, as needed.

The dog’s foster gets to know the dog well and how they do in a home environment, thus we do a great job matching people with the right dog, and the right people for the dog!

Underdogs Rock! Rescue is located in Portland, Oregon USA

We don’t have a physical location. We rely on our loving foster homes to give our dogs shelter, food and security.

To veiw available pups, Adopt or become a Foster

Safe Dogs By The River wishes to facilitate positive relationships with our companion animals through education, demonstration, support and example. We believe all companion animals deserve to be treated with respect, affection and dignity. We wish to assist owners, rescuers, dog walkers or anyone involved with dogs, or any animals, in efficient and effective communication with our companions.

Safe Dogs By The River


Contact SDBTR:

503.683.DOGS (3647)


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